3DEXPERIENCE Conference Modélisation & Simulation

01 oct. | 13:30 - 14:15

From Model Based Systems Engineering to Model Based Design to achieve quality products (ENGLISH SESSION)

Salle : Dorvault


Automotive Industry is facing massive changes: systems complexity is increasing rapidly (electrification, self-driving cars…), E-mobility requires more and more connected systems and market is switching from individual to sharing economy. The evolution from text-based engineering to Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) at System and System of Systems levels is imperative to master these challenges. In this talk, we will present the benefits of an MBSE approach for accurate system specification definition, and how a system simulation can support efficient trade-off for decision-making. We will illustrate MagicDraw solution for System Architects as well as how can the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform federate the disciplines (mechanical, electrical, software…) from MBSE to Physical implementation.

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